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Coach T

Business & Mindset Coach for
Women Entrepreneurs and Women Veterans



What would your life look like if your TOP SHELF self, made most of the decisions?

Did You Imagine?  Did you Smile?

The benefits that come from a “top-shelf self” level of excellence are not just possible… it's your birthright.  You may be thinking, “I am a go-getter already. How could I give more of myself to become HER NOW when the demands of life or business are happening, right now?” 

I Can Help You with That

I Can Help You with That 

I am Coach T- your Business & Mindset Coach! I founded Fyt 2 Live because I had the same question and didn’t know where to start to find the answer. I was medically retired from the military because of an incident that led to my suffering multiple broken bones and a traumatic brain injury.  In the blink of an eye, I went from being a leader at my job and amongst my circle, to becoming very dependent on others for daily living activities.


I remember saying, “Who am I now?  I can’t even wash myself.  I can’t even cut my own pancakes!”    Anxiety. Depression. Constant pain. Weight gain.  I was LOST. I didn't work for 5 years.  My full-time job was recovery: learning to walk, talk, drive, and remember again. .

I started helping others as I rehabbed from my injuries.  Entrepreneurship gave me purpose again!  It improved my mindset, my body, and my self-care because I wanted to be at my best for my clients.  I quickly realized I had to THINK differently to grow differently because my decisions no longer ONLY affected me.  Someone else was depending on me to bring my BEST self to work.  And I took that seriously.  


Today, I am a Business & Mindset Coach for women entrepreneurs and women veterans.  

Simply put, I teach women to WIN in ALL areas of their lives!  


Transforming Leaders

Elevating Mindset


We remind you to love yourself, Authentically.

We teach you to manage your mind, Intentionally.

Then give you the tools to WIN in Life & Business.

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Join our private community, where we teach women in business how to be BUSINESSWOMEN!  In this community you can learn and grow with NO judgment, and amongst family!  It is ALSO your 1-stop shop for ALL things self-care and personal development.  The monthly event calendar varies from masterclasses to early morning workout sessions!  WIN-WIN-WIN! 

Veteran women always Free   

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All success is rooted in repetitious, intentional behaviors.  Quarterly Coaching is a customized, collaborative partnership where we work 1-1 to tackle your biggest mindset and business challenges.

Bi-monthly or monthly coaching sessions are available within quarterly coaching packages.

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The program focuses on attacking your self-imposed limits and offering a new relationship with your personal thoughts. Each session, you and your cohort mates are challenged in ways that teach you to self manage your thoughts and feelings, increase your confidence, and improve your relationship with yourself first, then others. Finally, we integrate the NEW you into all parts of your life and business.

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