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12-Week Online Business & Mindset Program

Program Includes: 


  • 6 Online, Live Group Coaching Classes

  • 6 On-Demand Videos and Downloadable PDFs

  • In-class Exercises and Case Studies

  • Homework and Accountability

  • 3 Monthly Master Classes

  • Private Member Community with Mobile App

If you are looking for all the above plus a private personal

development community, this program is for you!


What  Clients  Are Saying


Joining Coach T's Elevate Program was the turning point of my life; it not only shattered my self-doubt and imposter syndrome but propelled me to a level of professionalism and personal growth I never thought possible. I went from fearing public speaking to confidently leading presentations and got promoted within the same year. Coach T's tailored approach truly transformed me.

Chief Finance Officer

Coach T's Mindset Mastery Class was a game-changer for me; it was like talking to a friend who deeply understands and guides you towards not just being a better professional, but a better person in every aspect of life. 


Senior Manager

Coach T is as real as it gets and I love that she has her own style and though there is structure to it, she brings her PERSONALITY TO EVERY SESSION with how she expresses the information as it relates to me personally. She goes above and beyond to provide the change that is needed in order for a transformation to happen.


Peak Performance Coach

Coach T transformed not just my body but my mind, teaching me that true happiness comes from mastering our thoughts and embracing our full potential without fear. 

Chief Strategy Officer

If I had to pick the MOST valuable so far, I would start with becoming aware of the stories I tell myself and doing THOUGHT DOWNLOADS. This has stopped me in my tracks so many times since I started the process, and I now am able to give myself space after recognizing it. Then I can do work in the moment to decide on the new story that will ultimately lead to the results I'm looking for. 

Executive Coach

Coach T's program was a catalyst in my life. Teaching me to dismantle past programming and revealing my true potential as a problem solver, compassionate individual, and
natural leader. 

Capability Lead

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